Water quality

24 hours a day: water is treated in a closed circuit, filtration and addition of chlorinated products.
1 daily control of the water treatment circuit,
1 weekly wash - minimum of filters 
Emptying once a year at minimum (complete brushing, cleaning and disinfection of the basin) 
1 sampling per month performed by a laboratory. The results will be displayed at the entrance to the pool. 
1 swimmer, it is 30 liters of water minimum per day to renew.

Hygiene is everyone's business,

If the water in a pool is treated on a daily basis, you must also contribute to quality by adhering to a few basic principles.
If the pool floors (beaches and changing rooms) are cleaned several times a day by pool staff, if the water in a swimming pool is daily treated so that it does not become a "culture broth", you are, You too, responsible for the quality of the pool water. You must contribute to its quality, respecting some basic principles. Even if you have a shower in your home, before you go to the pool, you are nevertheless carrying impurities (natural sweat, cosmetics ...). Mixed with chlorine from the pool, they generate volatile and irritating substances.

The cleaning of the floors is carried out several times a day by the personnel of the swimming pools.